In the peaceful village of Montejo de la Vega de la Serrezuela, a group of 10 friends and colleagues from Geneva, Marbella, Rome, Miño, Dubai and Madrid found themselves bound by a common passion for wine and a shared love for the exclusivity of hidden gems. Drawn together by their diverse backgrounds in aviation, this dynamic group dreamt of crafting a venture that would seamlessly meld the elegance of wine with the freedom of the skies.


The genesis of their idea took flight during one unforgettable evening at a secluded vineyard tucked away in the hills surrounding the Ribera del Duero. As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a warm glow over the rows of grapevines, the friends found themselves enchanted by the mystique of the winemaking process and the allure of undiscovered, limited-production wines.


Montelium would be curated to showcase the hidden gems of the wine world—small, boutique wineries crafting exceptional, limited-production wines. The friends envisioned a journey that transcended traditional wine experiences, where each bottle told a story of passion, dedication, and the unique terroir of the vineyards.

Montelium statement

We thrive in making fine wines that enrich the taste&soul.


Our Timeline


Montejo de la Vega was discovered

While most of the founders are friends and professional colleagues that met for the first time in the mid/late 2000's, some met in the 1990's. One of the founders bought a small rural house in Montejo de la Vega de la Serrezuela in 2018.




Billy, one of the founders and our dedicated viticultor has been passionately crafting and cultivating vineyards renowned for their excellence. With an unwavering commitment to quality and sustainability, he has meticulously nurtured each vine, ensuring the grapes reach their fullest potential and has supplied grapes to some of the world's most prestigious ultra-luxury wineries, such as Pingus. 477 Cepas was an inspiration for Montelium and in 2021, we agreed to embark in this journey.



First Production

After a failed attempt in 2021 to produce grapes due to severe climate conditions, the exciting first production happened in 2022 and an agreement was reached with a top-quality local winery.



The First Bottles

After more than 14 months in barrels, the wine was bottled producing the first edition of the first 2000 units.